Aryn and Baby

You're never too young to start

Aryn’s Family Yoga makes yoga accessible to all ages, all sizes, and all levels.  Aryn lives by the motto “it takes a village” and holds family and community at the heart of her values.  AFY offers prenatal classes, kids classes, family classes, vinyasa classes, and corporate yoga classes.  Check the calendar for a class near you, or contact us for a private class.


Recent messages from Aryn’s students, young and old.

“I love coming to your class because you are real and you make an effort to connect with your students.  I also love the plans you come up with and how you tie it all together to give us some great hip, heart, shoulder and whatever opening.”

“You are playful and fun.  I frequently tell people that I love when you call it yoga play and that there is a sweet, lightheartedness to you.”

“Your classes teach my daughter calming breaths for when she is crazy upset, she learns to move her body in creative and challenging ways, she learns that exercise, breath and song are important.”

“I love my kids to be exposed to yoga.  Your class is filled with variety.  You connect with the kids. We loved you at first site and your class.”

Kensington Library

Kensington Library

Row your boat

Aryn on the mountain top

Aryn on the mountain top